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At 3:18 am june 14, 2013, the annoying presence of IamTalkyTina, documented previously in my confessed creation story, has disappeared completely. An intense Rim to Rim Grand Canyon hike, 24 miles hiked in 18 hours, 11000 feet of elevation gain/loss, did the trick.

The doll is gone. I am whole.


Her sing song yibber yabber voice droned on for the 7 hours of descent via the North Kaibab trail. All that talk of her “True Friends” and “Open Friends” and “People Like Me (or else)” and how offended she was by the “Nasty Mean Word” was a constant nuisance and distraction to the peacefulness of that place. The nocturnal birds, cicadas humming, the thundering sound fo Roaring Springs and rushing waters of Bright Angel Creek tried to drown her out, and yet still she went on and on, yabbering, spinning her head, those window shade blinks of the soulless eyes staring at me.

But, perched on my backpack, she was not paying attention to the low hanging wires of the Black Bridge as I walked across that metal structure after 3AM, and FWOOP! She was knocked off by a support wire, last heard screaming as the Colorado River swept here away, downstream. maybe perhaps to wash up waterlogged and creepy in a few years time at Lake Mead or ripped apart by bored river trout.

Listen in:

imtalkytina disappears into the colorado river

After that… sweet silence. She is gone.

Now you may have seen tweets and comments from “her” or someone pretending to be her (I am looking at you Ben Rimes and perhaps his doppleganger alt, Brian Bennett, and @dkernohan).

But those are the pre-programmed remnants of the AI bot she forced me code for her. This morning I finally found the backdoor password into the codebase (it was “Dollsg3tLuvWithInt1mid@tion”) and was able to invoke to self destruct module every good programmer thinks of). The destruction was total and complete.

As you can see it was effective- the @iamtalkyyina twitter account is gone:

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

as is the web site and domain:

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

If you believe you are still seeing remnants of her activity, clear your cache. If you think you are still seeing communications, well then, you might have to dig deeper and dig your own psyche as it is likely creating the false signs. Her lasting power if suggestion is THAT stronger. Ask Erich Streator, see how he was “loved”

I for one, see nothing, and am free of the Creepy Doll Curse. The feeling is tremendous.

All it took was a 24 mile hike over 18 hours. I am not sure if you need to go through such Exercism to drive out the Creepy Dolls, but it is possible. See how good this trip was.

As for me, I feel great, and the internet is free of that nuisance.


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