Today’s ds106 Daily Create Challenge is a video one:

Uh Oh, Today is the 13th. Make a video of you avoiding a superstition.

It might not be majorly superstitious since its not Friday, which usually calls for insolent ignorant teenagers and a monster in the lake.

I decided to find something other than the familiar not walking under ladders and avoiding black cat crossings… so I consulted The Google and ended up with a site that lists 200 superstitions from different parts of the world.

I ended up on #67:

67. Falling of cutlery

If cutlery falls, a visitor will come. When it is a knife it will be a man, when it is a spoon or fork, it will a woman.
Explanation: (this should happen accidentally, not on purpose.)
Country: Ukraine, Aermenia, Georgia. Romania.

I blocked this out at my table– it was not really dinner time, but I just pulled something out of the fridge. It took about 5 minutes to film on my iPhone, and maybe 15 minutes of editing with iMovie on the device.

One could have some issues of some gender assumptions here, make being more knifely– cutting, slicing (?) and woman representing by the more nurturing (feeding) of spoons and forks. I don’t know I am guessing. So at some point long agi, it probably happened that someone dropped a knife, and a male visitor came shortly after and then it happened with a spoon/form, and the visitor that arrived was a woman.

Make a few correlations, write it up in an obscure fee-based journal, get quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education– and Shazam!, we have truth.

If I was you and I was not doing my Daily Creates, I would be very cautious around errant bicycle parts, strange dogs, and blogs you might actually read. Head off that good luck, and start doing some daily creates right now.

It is for your own good. You could do just one and be way ahead of how many Jim Groom has done this month, maybe this year.

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  1. Very funny! Just a little hero’s journey symbolism review, or maybe a literary reference to The Chalice and the Blade is more your tipple?
    The knife is the male organ (blade); the spoon is the female organ (chalice).
    “Whom does the Grail serve?”
    “The Grail serves the Grail King!”

    Grail is a chalice or female principle; the King is the, uh, you get my drift!

    I found and used that superstitions site, too; hoping our videos arrive on the DC site soon …

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