This is not my photo, but I have driven past a Mexican restaurant in Payson, AZ that has the same label


Does this mean other Mexican restaurants without an “authentic” label are inauthentic? Or am I confused with the Japanese style Mexican food?

It just seems funny to me, almost as if the reason to put the “authentic” label on a restaurant is if you are rather worried that you are not authentic. If its Mexican food it is food cooked Mexican style. Should we go to the fake Mexican place?

It came to mind when someone tweeted an (?article?) (?blog post?) (?thing?) What Makes an Authentic Leader?:

Characteristics are important to being authentic, just as actions are. Interpretations vary though. What one finds authentic, another may not. The key may be found in how authenticity is realized. Authenticity needs to be a part of our very being. Interpretations may come and go. Distractions will definitely come and go.

What needs to be steadfast is our authentic being. We need to have an authentic intelligence about who we are as a leader and person. We need to be smart in how we engage and maintain our authenticity.


I’ve read this 4 times, and I still am not sure what they are saying. We need to be authentic about our authenticity.

According to the thing referenced above, here is what authentic leaders need:

  • Embedded empathy,
  • Enabled community.
  • Empowering beliefs.
  • Preventing harm,

In a related story, the sky is blue (except a night) (well it is blue somewhere).

Okay, I am throwing darts, the article cites some aspects of leadership I cannot argue with. But reading an article is not going to make you a more authentic leader any more than reading a fashion magazine is going to make you more beautiful.

Eye of the beholder.

If you are authentic as a leader, then you are seen as so by people you lead. There is no such “thing” (like an attribute) as authenticity (I expect some philosophers or theoreticians to shoot me down there).

Or maybe you should aim to be a “beautiful” leader.

You don’t need a label. You just do it.

Pass the enchiladas…

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