Dusting off some ds106 poster riffing. I guess there as some fun banter about remixing james bond posters with some dogs we know, Mariana was off and running with it… But she let me down by not making it an assignment.

So I had to step in with The Best Bond Is A Dog:

All thanks to a conversation on Twitter. An emergent DS106 assignment “˜Remix (in a dog appropriate manner) a Bond movie title and create a poster’.

Hence, Daphne Groom, in the classic “You Only Bark Twice”

(you ought to click to see 00Daphne in full size glory)

(you ought to click to see 00Daphne in full size glory)

I decided to give Daphne some more dog pride that she gets in this photo of Miles and Tessie with that poor dog in a tutu!

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by snakepliskens

I liked the 1960s motif of the poster from You Only Live Twice, appropriate since it features Jim’s favorite Bond actor 😉 There is something parallel about Bond surrounded by the ladies in Bikinis and the way Daphne is surrounded on the photo.

The PhotoShoppery was the usually amount of clone brush, paste in place. I even managed to tint Tessie’s hands a bit to match the skin of the others. I tossed in a pic of Jim in his stunning suit from the TEDx in Puerto Rico just to cover up Sean Connery. That was first time I used the Edit Special-> Past Around to make something come in outside of a selection, that worked well.

Gill Sans Ultra Bold, squeezed and stretched a bit, did a good job of faking the poster text. Normally I go to the detail of editing the producer and director credits, but this is enough for one night’s poster re-editing.

You Only Bark Twice!

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  1. Between the harem and the hands around the dog, this is brilliant. I love the way she sits in there, and the question it raises for me is hat would a female Bond be like 🙂

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