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My Tiara Arrived in the Mail. I am Retired from DS106

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You do know the irony of ? Right?

With a four month fellowship at TRU starting in late October through March and no plans to teach ds106 for a while, I shall be dialing back my role in keeping the lights on inside the web site.

The other thing about ds206 is that it rests on not one person. As previously aired on this blog, Mariana Funes and Giulia Forsythe have agreed to keep the Daily Create fresh. That one is really hard for me to stop doing, and I probably will not stop.

As for everything else, I had a video chat with Jim Groom Friday, and he has all the info to take over the keys to the main site and it’s ancillary parts. But more than that, he’s returning to teach a regular semester version of ds106 starting in late August, and he has some great plans to wire it up in the fashion that NOBODY does. Plus after her Summer teaching debut, it looks like Jen Polack will also be teaching a UMW section.

DS106 it goes on.

And I am not done with by by any means, just shifting my involvement.

What are you doing just reading this? Go make art.

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Michael Branson Smith

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  1. All good things must go on temporary hiatus….or some thing like that, right?

    What is this TRU that you speak of, and what should we expect from your blog throughout the fellowship?

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