I made this video today while driving through Monstrose CO using the new Hyperlapse app (music added in Youtube)- it is a sped up and somewhat smooth, frenetic trip through that kind of traffic light choked franchise encased commercial strip that exist not only across the US, but elsewhere in the world. This is Main Street.

In old magazine ads, they had example addresses like “Anytown, USA”- but this modern version I think of more as “Sametown”. Arbys. Speedy Muffler. Safeway. Walmart. Walgreens. WalAll. McDs. WenDs. Johhny Ds. ThriftDs. Shoe’s Plus. Appliances Plus. Batteries Plus. Cost Plus. Plus Plus.

Even with local stores (my favorite so far is “Bubba’s Taxes” in Farmington, NM- wouldn’t you like a guy -heck or gal– named Bubba going up against the IRS for you?), the sheer monotony of these places, the numbing crawl from red light to red light, is mind boggling- is this really what we, as a culture, have chosen? Did we vote for this?

The video is rather amazing considering I just held the iphone wedged against the side of the steering wheel for about 4 minutes, until my hand got sore. I like that it saved to my library, because I want more than 15 seconds instagram will give me.

It’s a rather stunning, and simple app.

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