Oh chastise me for a sleazy blog post title, and worse, for probably some bad taste in Photoshoppery. But I see these things, my little teenage brain starts whirring, and then I have to drop what I am doing for a half hour of mashing up.

A few days ago the OLDaily in my inbox featured a typically Dowsian summary of something going on elsewhere in the intertubes. That’s what he does so well, and has been doing so well for like 15 years or more. But his bit Hachette Wants to Turn Twitter Into a Bookstore got me click curious:

I’m not sure I get the appeal of Amanda Palmer and I’m not sure of the relevance of showing a topless photo of her on this story about Twitter becoming a marketplace for books, especially since I don’t see books per se as having much of a future themselves, but I guess there’s no limit to how far we’ll turn back the wheel of time in an effort to monetize our conversations with each other. And going topless seems to be what Amanda Palmer does, mostly. Social media as we know it is not long overdue for a disruption. And magazines like this retro article from Bloomberg even more so.

I guess Stephen is behind the book curve. Or ahead. And I must admit I barely know much about Amanda Palmer. She’s done something meme like right? And now she is topless on a book cover? Somehow I inferred Stephen writing like that he would never go topless (which actually he never said).

Oh well, I clicked the link. And saw the book cover.

And then it happened.

I gotta make over that bookcover.

It’s a tad scary.

I imagined Stephen authoring and modeling for the cover of The Art of MOOCs or How I Stopped Worrying and Let Connectivism Help


It’s a tad disturbing. I am counting on Stephen’s sense of humour (note Canadian spelling).

I could not help myself. I include this in my gallery of MOOC Mocking

And now, I am late for my 7th grade Social Studies class.


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