This is just a test for Rochelle Lockridge, who is getting her chops as a new DS106 radio DJ. It’s been a really really long time since I used Nicecast, so I just took a few minutes to refresh myself for the set up I used previously for being able to DJ music and cross fade with audio.

It’s pretty much what I wrote before as my first guide to Nicecasting.

This is the setup I just tested (running the local server and setting the archive on means I can record a test session and verify)

Nicecast settings for application mixing with voice from input mic

Nicecast settings for application mixing with voice from input mic

And the audio walkthrough I did mixing me with some ACDC Sin City playing in iTunes

The steps are:

  • Start a broadcast (test with server being the local one)
  • Set your source to be your mic
  • Open Effects and install the Application Mixer, if settings do not pop up, click “edit”
  • Select iTunes (or another source) to be you Application.
  • Click the Hijack button to grab that as audio (you may get a notice about having to quit Nicecast; it’s better to use the option to install the Instant On thing, this not only keeps you from restarting, you can swap applications in the middle of a broadcast)
  • Use the sliders to go for all mic (source) or all music (Application) or somewhere in the middle to mix
  • Do not check the monitor box, that only lets you hear the application all the time.
  • Enjoy

creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by pasukaru76:

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  1. Thanks Alan.
    This worked perfectly. There are so many different parts to work with. Fortunately my Archiving window and Server window were already set-up correctly following your earlier post and the great screen shots you provided. Broadcasting with monitor output unchecked was also important. Then remembering to check it when I want to listen to the recording. There had been several frustrating moments where I thought nothing had recorded. Only to realize I needed to turn the monitor output back on. I appreciated your short recording too. It was helpful to hear not just read what you were teaching.

    I had been trying to get too fancy by adding in a second application, Skype. Then I was really pushing the envelope by wanting the person on the other end of the Skype call to hear what I was playing on iTunes. I need to remember, “Baby Steps”. Get myself up and moving smoothly at the basic level, then start adding on more advanced layers. Although… until I start messing around with things I don’t know what is basic and what is more advanced. It all seems doable to me in my innocent ignorance. 🙂 Good thing we have a place to practice and mentors who are patient while we stumble, fall and pick ourselves back up again. Thanks for dusting me off and helping me back to my feet.

    1. If you want to monitor the outdoing stream don’t use the checkbox — thats only the monitor of what is playing in itunes it is useful if you want to time your transitions; it will play it even will you have the mix full on.

      If you want to monitor what is going out on the stream, wear headphones use the volume slider in the broadcast window. It’s not the volume of the stream, but your audio monitor. It gets a little weird when you are talking because you hear yourself with a slight delay (I used to pull the headphones out there).

      Skype is definitely trickier. You might be able to do it with the advanced button in the hijack window. The problem is that people in the Skype Call cannot hear what else is going pn the stream.

      To do this kind of broadcast, I do a different approach using Ladiocast and Soundflower. It gets a little convoluted logically (your audio output is the Skype input, and the skype output is the Ladiocast input!). But it works, and is good if you are using lots of apps for sources. I have done Google hangouts this way too

  2. If I wanted to make a recording and give it to Rocky Lou to play sometime during the Christmas season, what is the best way to fo that–I assume even SoundCloud or Audible would be okay? Save and what? DS106 Radio dropbox somewhere? email RockyLou?

    1. I would strap that recording to the back of a seal, and send it to yellowknife; there it can be stored on the dog sled that will transport it to…. just contact her, eh? No rush. The radio station is broken and uploads not working yet.

    2. Hey Sandy… I’d be honored to broadcast your work. While I can’t upload to the station, I can certainly go live. I plan on broadcasting live on Saturday from 2-4pm CST. and Sunday 3-4pm CST this week. An upload to Soundcloud would be easiest for me. Maybe we could setup
      A time to do a quick intro interview on Skype when you are ready. I’m not up to doing it live yet, but I can load it onto my playlist & broadcast it along with your piece(s). Bring ’em on!

  3. I’ve got kind of different idea right now of just exactly who or what is gonna get strapped onto the back of a seal…

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