support Hack Education, support Audrey Watters. Do I really need to spell out the reasons?

Are you reading her year end summaries of educational technology? Do you get that she represents a consistent, often critical, unbiased, unbought by sponsorship voice in our field?

So $10 a month from me may not go far. But if 50 others do the same? It’s not much, but also, even though as a freelancer I do not have a consistent salary, it’s still worth doing. I think supported her via a monthly donation in 2013. In 2014, I put some monthly pesos towards Maria Popova, the creative force behind Brain Pickings. This year.. well, I support both.

And it’s not because Audrey has been sporting as her avatar a spontaneous moment photo I took photo of her. Or that she digs ds106. It’s about who she is and what she does in 2015 I will send her enough per month for 2 cups of LA coffee. Maybe 3.

What are you reading my blog post for? Make sure you are reading Hack Education and clicking that donate button.


Because Audrey.

cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog

cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog (that’s me!):

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  1. Well, I had never heard of her and am very glad to be now subscribing to her blog. She actually seems to have some intellectual arguments pro con historical ahistorical regarding MOOCS–in fact, the entire history of the movement seems to have been blogged by this woman. Can’t believe you didn’t send me to her, but hey! I’m there now!

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