Internet, you so fickle.

Without much thought, you ca share something frivolous and people are all over it. You’re on fire.

You get an idea in your head you think will get spread, and it falls like a lead rock on Jupiter.

I’ve only marginally followed the story, but seeing Brett Gaylor’s tweet

I got in my head the “Stay Out of Malibu” scene from The Great Lebowski

I thought about doing a quick GIF with imgur, but it kept bombing out

 No love from imgur

No love from imgur

So I rolled up my sleeves, downloaded the video as mp4, trimmed it shorter in MPEGStream Clip, imported into Photoshop at 2 frames a second. I found the frame with Lebowski on the carpet

scene 1

And scene 2clone brushed him out of the scene.

This let me pull in a copy shape of HitchBot, and did a few frames of it rotated and scale at different angles


Then tweak some inter0frame timing, add some text, and here comes my wide spread Meme Making fame!


Tweet it and sit back and wait… wait… wait…


Of course, the attention is not why I made this. I just saw it in my mind and challenged myself to make it within 30 minutes. That is the reason. If anyone likes it, well, that’s just a biddy bonus.

I think it’s funny.

And that is all I need.

Top / Featured Image Credits: Yes we at CogDOGBlog are an equal opportunity house of featured images, so cats get their turn too– flickr photo by Simply Bike shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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  1. It is pretty funny and I like how you create the instructable in the post. My question is this: does Stephen Downes think this is funny? You did see his comment on his OLWeekly about poor Hitchbot? Humor may be the only thing that saves us from our robot overlords of which Hitchbot is only the vanguard.

    1. Thanks Terry. I am not sure why, but I feel even more satisfied with trying to revisit how I made the thing than the thing itself. It’s like sharing the extras of DVDs. It’s to me the shallowness of tumblr, people make great stuff and share each other’s stuff, but no one really seems to talk about how stuff is made.

      I cannot gauge for sure what Stephen finds funny, I tend to run at the 45% level.

      I plan to die laughing.

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