I had to do this, I tweeted myself out on a limb.

First there was the wildly epic good news maybe yesterday that Jesse Stommel was going to take on the role of leading DTLT at the University of Mary Washington, but as pointed out in a tweet by Rolin Moe, there’s a lot to this decision for Jesse.

Spelled out in his post Leaving Wisconsin I heard two songs intertwined:

And thus I knew what I would end up doing tonight. I already knew how to play “Should I Stay or Should I Go” but had no clue if I could pull of Sheryl Crow. And could I intertwine them somehow? There is some overlap of chords, but the rhythm is different for sure. I sort of worked out my own simplified riff based on some guitar tabs I found.

So here I am making a fool of myself, this was maybe a 1.3 take. I pretty much lifted lines from Jesse’s post (he provided a lot of material!). I hope it’s not too jestful of a crapped up situation in Wisconsin.

Here’s the re-casted lyrics

And right into…

Bye Wisconsin!

Top / Featured Image Credits: My mashup of someone else’s mashup of The Clash’s London Calling album cover and Cheryl Crow’s Leaving Las Vegas single cover and Jesse Stommel’s twitter photo. Yeah good luck sorting that out.

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  1. I like it 😉
    Then again I am Egyptian. We make light/fun of the most dire situations so my sense of humor is like that

  2. That’s hilarious. It seems I get most of my ed tech news via your parody musical covers since I’ve been too swamped to keep up with the twitter machine; so thanks for keeping me in the loop!

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