Yep pardner, one more this here edit for a movee I made to promote the Online DS106 course I am teaching starting January 2016 at Kansas State University.

Apparently my last version, featuring audio of me and my buddy Bill Genereux talking over a montage of 6-12 second clips of classic western films, generated a boxcar of fear of copyright violation from the director of the local access TV channel in Salinas Kansas.

Boo! The Copyright Boogieman strikes again.

Now I have zero concerns that my montage of short clips with original audio removed, pretty much fair use as most folks could see clear as day, would really stand a tumbleweed’s chance of being considered a copyright violation, much less sorting out the odds of Hollywood City thug lawyers finding it on a local access TV station in way out in Salinas, Kansas.

Heck, if there is a millionth percent chance of it, y’all might as well cower in the back of your cabin, hoss. This is the specter of fear that the Copyright Boogieman has succeeded in generating. You know, there is some odds of getting hit by an meteorite when you go out your front door, so just stay inside.

Screen capture from CC0 licensed "The Arizona Kid" from the Internet Archive

Screen capture from CC0 licensed “The Arizona Kid” from the Internet Archive

But just for fun, and to demonstrate there are always ways to use media, I rode my horse to the well of the Internet archive, and lookie at all the goodies I found there all in the Public Domain. That means you and I.

I gotta say, I got a kick out of finding The Arizona Kid, and the others listed below. There are massive herds of open content you can use.

It took hardly nuthin to download ’em, slice out some clips with the hand dandy MPEG Streamclip, and just dropping them atop the last edits in iMovie. Here ya go, a third edition of Bill and Alan Jawin’ ‘Bout Storytellin. All clips in this here movie are from the Internet Archive Ranch and branded Public Domain, meanin’ y’all can shine this on any ole wall and not be a fearin’ of no copyright sheriff bustin’ down yer door.

Now this don’t mean I am u fearin’ the Copyright Boogieman. I will ride up to him and kick free dirt in hos face. And in ds106 we will deal with this here issue straight on, challenge it to a duel. We will not run and cower in the bushes. And if need be, we will also learn how to use open licensed media the way all content is really intended to be used, to be freely remixed, mashed-up into new creative forms.

How about you folks? Are you just gonna fold up and whimper when the Copyright Boogie man rides into your creative space? Or are you gonna fight?

Screen capture from CC0 licensed "The Arizona Kid" from the Internet Archive

Screen capture from CC0 licensed “The Arizona Kid” from the Internet Archive

Top / Featured Image Credits: Screen grab from The Internet Archive’s CC0 licensed movie The Arizona Kid. Try to toss a copyright nose ’round this fella!

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  1. Thanks for the latest email it made me laugh and of course the movie clips. I was brought up in Liverpool in the 50’s and I used to go to the local cinema on a Saturday morning to watch The Lone Ranger. What a show it was too. He really was. I used look forward to going and getting my tube of Smarties, a little like your Americam chocolate M&M’s but with English chocolate, yeuch! How times have changed since whether to go home on the bus or walk and have a bag of chip (fries). I used to get the chips most of the time because it was a 4 mile walk. The other things that have changed of course is that I now have my own cinema room with a 12 foot screen and I am about to watch my hero the Lone Ranger and Tonto, I now know what that means in Spanish :O) Now where are those Smarties?
    Keep them coming.

  2. Well now, Rider, when they say they better stay inside because the meteorite might git ’em outside, it makes me wonder just what new miracle material their roofs are made of, and how hard the city slicker laughed when he sold them that protection. Guess I’d rather meet that hot chunk of 9.86 m/s^2 iron free on the prairie than cowering in my shack… but that’s just me.

    Reminds me of the time my friend the Kid told me he can’t swim.

    “You crazy? The fall’ll probably kill ya!”

  3. Jest talked today in my class about copyright and the fair use. It skeers lots o folks. Sometimes it’s better to ‘steer’ clear. Sometimes it’s better to stay and fight. I’m with you. Usually I just jab ’em in the eye and kick ’em where the sun don’t shine.

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