Put a big ole squishy love twitter hearting favorite here! The talk I did last month in Puerto Rico, for which I have already published the notes and stuff, is now published.

Yes, I am now one of those people. Associated with the enterprise that is a Massive, Money-Soaked Orgy of Self-Congratulatory Futurism.

But that’s big TED. This was little TEDx, at a small university in San Juan Puerto Rico, where I got to meet and listen to amazing people doing fascinating work.

Like Jonathan Basile’s talk on Library of Babel (which of all things he told me, I remember that it runs in a server in his apartment).

Or Stephanie Kruger’s sharing of Civic Hacking including things like Code 4 Puerto Rico

Or Osvaldo Budet’s amazing photo/art/video works

It’s all a blur to me. I had nailed for sure my opening line and knew where I wanted to end, but I know there were things in the middle I added in the moment. But you know what, it was fun and exciting, and I want to send a huge thanks to Antonio Vantaggiato and Loribel Rodriqguez,
Bernabe Soto, and everyone else there for making me feel like such a Mr Fancy Pants1

1 That’s how Barbara Ganley teased me. And this might be my first blogging footnote. I wanna be like Tom

Top / Featured Image Credit: flickr photo by cogdogblog http://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/22209587006 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. This is powerful stuff. It’s something that ties in with my thinking about “unfair advantage”. Add this to your portfolio of awesome work.

  2. ✔+ fantastic

    Great talk, Alan. You’re definitely memorable

    FYI, your tweet yesterday to locate:
    Collins, R. Miss Apple Daisy. Reader’s Digest (Canadian Edition), September 1976, pp. 142-147
    sent me on a fun little web quest trying. So far all Inter-Library-Loan searches are coming up empty, although I think the Toronto Reference Library has a copy. Awaiting to hear back from my local public library if they will retrieve it for me.

    While I wait to hear back, my continued searching lead me to the study you mention in this TEDx talk about Miss A:

    E. Pedersen, T.A. Faucher, and W.W. Eaton. 1978. A New Perspective on the Effects of First-grade Teachers on Children’s Subsequent Adult Status. Harvard Educational Review, 48 (1): 1-31
    which, in turn, lead me to this interesting quote about that article:
    “One of her former students had become President of McGill University and it was he who had investigated the growth in IQs and had the results published in the Harvard Educational Review”
    Gunn, Angus M. 2008. The Recovery of Transformative Learning. Common Ground
    Journal v5 n2 (Spring 2008): 11-19. ISSN: 15479129. URL: http://www.commongroundjournal.org/volnum/v05n02.pdf

    Still unable to locate the Reader’s Digest article where Robert Collins interviews these students, I decide to look for the author himself. It turns out he was from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan!

    Maybe Shareski can find a relative of Robert Collins who has a pristine Reader’s Digest collection up there in Moosejaw!??

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