To Brian Lamb, Yacht Rock borders on religion. Part mockumentary, it was a web video series that Brian has raved about for almost as I have known him. I won’t even try to explain it, leave that to Wikipedia.

And to me shame, I’ve not watched it. That’s on my homework list; Brian has done enough work in our previous time to school me on all kinds of YouTube regions I never knew existed.

Last Sunday I was at my local record shop, actually an antique store in Pine Arizona called “Moose Mountain”. The new owners have added a corner of vinyl, and its my go to place now for album browsing.

So it was there I spotted what must be…

Wikipedia has a little bit of opinion in its description of this 1973 album:

Full Sail is the third album by singer/songwriter duo Loggins and Messina, released in 1973. It showed the versatility of the duo, with everything from 1950’s retro to island-style to sappy ballads. The single “My Music” charted at #16, and the follow-up, “Watching the River Run”, made it to #71. The album as a whole did better, reaching #10 on the Pop Charts.

And I was compelled to buy it for sheer novelty.

While playing the album last night over (I likely just admitted some copyright violation, come and get me), I opened the album to see this touching photograph of Loggins and Messina

And it was crying for a remix- hence in some PhotoShoppery, using these photos of Grant Potter and Brian Lamb — ones I sought for having soemthing appropriate to the right angle…

flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Eventually producing this remix…


Not quite the smoothest edges and color tinting, but goofy enough to make me giggle.

Smooth sailing, indeed.

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  1. Loggins and Messina, 1973, Full Sail, was just another album on the Magnavox when I was 23 and already graduated from UW and headed off the deep end of what was to be a twenty year love affair with communal living. It was part of of the sound track of my life at that time… When you wrote about it, all the old sounds rose from the basement of my mind to haunt my commute up to Portland today…

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