The thing about remembering my parent’s anniversary on February 5 is knowing 3 days later is the date of Mom’s birthday. The calendar reminder popped up yesterday.

Lest you think this is a sad thing, the photo above makes me smile at the fun we would have on her annual Thanksgiving visits to Arizona. From the flickr photo caption on a photo titled “Mom is Wired

My visiting Mom snatched my new issue of Wired before I could read it; she seemed intrigued by the cover article. I am not sure if she is planning anything ;-)

No, she just seemed intrigued by the concept of people trying to disappear- the recap of writer Evan Ratliff’s attempt to “disappear”

That was typical for her to show an interest in things (Wired?) I might never have guessed.

I started this post playing with a collage of photos of her:


On the left is 2009 when I visited her in Florida; on the right is a photo of her labeled as “1949 Atlantic City” — and in between is 60 years of living.

That’s what I celebrate tonight.

To life.

Happy birthday, Cookie Lady.

Top / Featured Image: Mom and I enjoying a laugh during her visit with me in November 2009– my flickr photo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. I’ve got a glass of Argentinean Malbec.

    Here’s to the life of an amazing lady and her son, who takes after her.

  2. We celebrate Mickey/Mom’s 90th this weekend (she was a Valentine’s Baby). So thankful to still have her with us. A toast to great Moms!

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