Before you make a wisecrack about the imminent demise of the creaky old Yahoo bad mojo flickr (which I continue to use daily 12 years after I started)… crank up the music!

Via a comment from “Eric” ( on a post where I myself called flickr an word that stars with “a” and ends with “ss”

Notes are back ¯\_(?)_/¯

What? Check out the link Eric sent [Official Thread] Say hello (again!) to Notes!:

It’s time to party like it’s May 9th, 2004 because our old friends Photo Notes are back on Flickr!

Notes? What is this Notes?

Notes are like comments on a part of a photo. If you’ve ever wanted to describe a particular spot in a photo, this is a great visual way to do just that. Maybe you want to tell a story about a busy scene, or identify a person, or highlight some small detail in the background. People have done all sorts of wonderful things with notes over the years…

Sure enough! One of my most viewed flickr photos was on for the 2006 K-12 Online Conference where I described the powerful way one can use this feature to annotate photos:

And those notes created back around 2006, are right where they were when flickr shut off the feature.

This is cool; I had noticed a while ago when poking around the flickr API that all the data for notes was still there, they had just removed it from the public interface. And this is one thing I can say is a virtue of flickr, is that that have never f****ed with the API like twitter has done, like YouTube has done, and like Instagram is doing right now.

And my annotated volcano diagram? Hover notes are back! Click and learn about Plinian volcanoes.

My series of flickr photos as one of the 50 Web Ways to tell a Story? Dominoe’s Notes are BAAAACK! Click and explore…

Maybe flickr caught on that annotation is valuable and of interest? Who knows? Who cares why?

And someone I am sure is going to ruin the party music with their gloom and doom about flickr’s standing on the edge of the grave…

I don’t care. Flickr is teh awesome and I adore it.

Top / Featured Image: Creative Commons licensed photo from Mediawiki Commons

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