Can you really say thank you or express gratitude too much? I don’t think so, but then when you are on the receiving end, why does it feel so startling groovy?

Prepare yourself for blog post number 343 on Attributing is a Good Thing.

Yesterday, among the jetsam and flotsam of email, was a gem from Mimi Ko Cruz, who works at DML, and I just got to see at their conference earlier this month. Short, but sweet:

Hi Alan. I love your photos and used them to make a collage for today’s DML blog. Your photo credit is at the bottom. Thought you’d like to know :)

She sent a link to her DML post on the Ignite Talks at the conference, where she had made a collage of the photos I had taken of the speakers:

collage of DML 2016 Ignite speakers made from my photos

collage of DML 2016 Ignite speakers made from my photos

I like sitting in the first or second row at conferences to try and get photos of speakers in action. A lot of photos get tossed, but I fell fortunate to get some good moments. It’s a bit tricky, because they are not posing, and I try to anticipate from listening when they might hit a smile, or a dramatic pause.

Anyhow, I was pleased with my photos, but Mimi’s assemblage is even better.

And so, by the letter of the photo license, she did not need to ask or tell me, and since I have made them CC0, she does not even have to give me credit.

But she did. And sent that small email of thanks.

Once again, licenses state the minimal amount of compliance required.

I do not know about you, but when I am gone, I do not want people to remember me as being “minimally compliant” or even “competent”.

So go out and pick up on this week’s #CCQuest to give some thanks to someone who openly shared something you used.

Spin that circle. Feel it come back at you. Spin again.

Image for CCQuest 4 by Bryan Mathers, I will always be giving him gratitude.

Image for CCQuest 4 by Bryan Mathers, I will always be giving him gratitude.

Top / Featured Image: It’s rather literal from a Google Images search (set for images licensed for reuse) on “virtuous circle” but I like the almost hand written feel to the image. This is a flickr photo by planeta shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license.

It led me down a curious internet hole of wonders to the Buzzword Bingo site and then a flickr set of over 1000 other words from something that’s been going on since 2010. I might never climb out of this hole.

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  1. “The attitude of gratitude brings altitude!
    I’ve lost track of exactly what #CCQuest means or is, but today’s dailycreate to assemble a personal Dream Team has left me very high on the greatness of five #nastywomen

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