This could not be a more cool surprise to see in my twitters this morning, on all days, one of uncertainty.

This I am certain of, though, I am so fortunate to have someone like Bryan Mathers in my network, yet another internet friend I have yet to meet.

I recall seeing Bryan’s first, I think, in Catherine Cronin’s 2014 ALT-C keynote Navigating the Marvelous (do yourself a favor and get distracted by her brilliant talk).

This was not just visual notetaking; Bryan synthesized Catherine’s message with a quote from a Joi Ito slide she used in the talk.

I saw Bryan’s work show up in the posts and presentations by Doug Belshaw and Reclaim Hosting’s record store motif.

Sometime last spring after blogging (again) about attribution and the Creative Commons Certification project I was just starting on, I got an email invite from Bryan for just an open conversation. He’s spun out several images from that conversation, like:

Image by  @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Image by @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Image by  @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Image by @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Image by  @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Image by @bryanmmathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

But his sketch today is now my favorite 😉 And what is eerie, is that I am fairly sure he has not seen what is on my arm:

That image of my original CogDog Icon, Mickey, was made a permanent arm badge by an artist named Uncle Tim then in Kauai now in Carmel. It was a spontaneous idea for me rounding the half century mark.

Gears, dogs, sketches, friends never met… it’s all full circle. And it keeps happening.

By the way, this was triggered by my donation to Bryan’s Visual Stickery Indiegogo campaign — and there are only three days left to support his art, and get yourself the best laptop stickers and BADGES– FREAKIN’ REAL STICK ON YOUR CLOTHES BADGES!


Update: Bryan sent me a colored version, oh pretty! I am tempted to try it as a twitter avatar, butI’m rather find of Felix…


It’s now in my email footer and on my calling card site

Top / Featured Image: A sketch custom made for me by the utterly talented and generous Bryan Mathers. He did not specify, but I will add his usual Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license.

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