Bear with me on Chapter 156 of my WordPress love. And for RSS.

WordPress offers so many ways to syndicate content. Feed by blog. Category. Author. Single Post. Comments. Custom Post Types. Multiple categories. On and On.

And a new one I did not know exist until today.

For the Elements of Networked Narratives site I was wanting to add a feed for the posts Mia Zamora writes on the DML Central site, available here

There is a list of posts on her profile page, but no RSS feed for her posts. No author feed. Well I know why, because I inspect the main DML feed and see that they are all authored in WordPress by Mimi Cruz who manages the site.

It looks like they might use a category or tag to pull her feeds together, but I cannot see it in the RSS source:


I feel close to a dead end. Then I go back to the WordPress Codex for Built-in Feeds and find:

Search results can also have their own feed. Here is the format:

So I play with a search that pulls up her post (good thing for Mia having a unique name)

And bingo! I can make that search string a feed

I never knew that was possible! And this adds a whole new dimension to what is possible to syndicate from WordPress, beyond tags and categories… Anything you can construct as a search can be made into a Feed at WordPress’s Restaurant…

Actually I do feel good about it.

Top / Featured Image: My own mashup of Arlo Guthrie’s classic album, it’s cover WordPress and RSS logos, all likely subject to copyright infringement, created as both commentary, parody, and with love for this song (which I have purchased before). Sue me.

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