Twenty days ago I heard that the elegant story site cowbird was closing up the front door. So I vowed to add one a day until the very end.

And I did twenty of them, right up until today (well one day missed because the site was “out of helium” for maybe 2 full days)

My last 20 cowbird stories

I’d hesitate to call any of them the kind of stories that have a plot. It was more a chance to play with some formats, toss in some shreds of things that happened in a day, or just crap I made up. It was never about anything serious, mostly not, and more just to see what I could come up with every day. This was not for the massive audience (I got about 20 views a day, woah, Neo).

I knew for the last one I wanted to do a pure photo story, and pairing my own flickr photos of cows and birds, as a thank you.. I found five of each, and in pairs, they did have connections- both staring, both walking way, both silly signs…

Here are the same photos used as a flickr slide show…


Featured GIF: Animated GIF by moi made from the first two screens of my last, and forever last, cowbird post.

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