Friday marked the 2nd year since I adopted Felix, and since he turns four in May, that means now almost half of his life has been with me.

On Monday I will take him for a hello visit to where I found him, the Humane Society of Central Arizona. And following the lead of Pat Lockley, again I will make a donation in his name.

Today we had a beautiful outing to one of my favorite local spots, up in Coconino National Forest, down a little dirt road off of Highway 87 where we can walk and gaze off the view of the Mogollon Rim.

We’ve had all kinds of adventures, kayaking, backpacking, road trips to Canada, and most enjoyable, our regular multiple walks around the forests and quiet neighborhoods of Strawberry. Since April 2016, this activity has shed about 20 pounds from my body (he has picked up the 20).

With over 1000 tagged photos in flickr you can tell how much this dog means to me. He has his own twitter and instagram accounts. I keep reminding him that he needs to build up his social media profile, so as to attract a big modeling contract gig. He’s gotta start bringing home some bacon!

I cannot say how overjoyed I am that our lives gave overlapped

and that he should get ready for big adventures heading into his 3rd year with me… thanks little buddy!

Featured Image: Screen shot of flickr search on all 1350 photos I have posted of Felix, all shared into the public domain

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