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Felix + 2

Friday marked the 2nd year since I adopted Felix, and since he turns four in May, that means now almost half of his life has been with me. On Monday I will take him for a hello visit to where I found him, the Humane Society of Central Arizona. And following the lead of Pat […]

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Your Name Was “Strale”

Next week will mark 4 months since I have adopted you, Felix. Is life now good for you? It is for me. Do you remember last weekend when we went to Flagstaff, and saw all those dogs at the Rescue Roundup? That lady I talked to for a while at the end recognized you; that […]

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On Dog Walking

Having adopted a dog has changed my daily routines, all for the better. I have data – our daily walks, medium in the morning, long in later afternoon, short at night, have taken my daily walking from less than 1 mile per day to over 5 on average. Each time I put on Felix’s leash, […]