He talks tough, but he just wants you to be creative and join a challenge to do all 31 Daily Extends in July.

Don’t let him scare you.

He just wants you and maybe a few more people to join in and and extend your technical, creative skills every day in July. Just follow @ontarioextend on twitter, where each day the new challenge shall be tweeted, or check in each day to https://extend-daily.ecampusontario.ca. Read the daily each day, put on as much extending as your creativity can summon, and provide a response in twitter.

On July 1 we will reset the leaderboard (if that’s something that motivates you).

What do I get for doing this? Nothing! Well, nothing tangible, no prizes or badges. Bragging rights? But you will get a chance to try some new tech tools, explore resources, and extend your abilities. You get to do this along side others.

What happens if I miss a day? Nothing! You can go back at any time and do ones we missed. We are not monitoring when you did a daily.

We see a good flow of interest and activity in Ontario Extend with the dailies. Many already do it every day. So more than just going 31 for 31, perhaps you might aim not to do what is quickest, but maybe get even more creative with how you respond to a challenge.

You have full latitude to do a daily anyway you chose. You can disobey the orders as long as you do something interesting!

And yes we will be upping up the complexity on a few of these, it is a challenge after all.

For what it’s worth, this is something I have run a few times for the DS106 Daily Create as a means to rally participating over the summer, when maybe classes were not happening. The tough sergeant first appeared in 2013 and we did have a request to have hime back there in 2018.

Hulka is back now for July. We’ve even dusted off the reference to the old Charles Atlas sand kicked in the face comic.

But don’t take the tough talk and pushing around bother you, Hulka is really a sweet guy. Inside.

Join in and see how much energy we can get around the Daily Extends in July.

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  1. Well, hello #StillTrueFriend

    So, I guess if people want to do your July Daily Create challenge instead of doing my June Daily Create challenge, then they can still get their Creatorist badge for it. I will make a special blog post for the July cohort and people can sign up.

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