When working at home one can get lax with the shaving schedule… as it was I was scrubbly already when Cori asked me if I was participating in Movember.

Why not? I found I already had an account (might be from sponsoring someone else 2 years ago, was that you Devon?). And it seemed like a thing to do upon reading of my Saskatoon friend and colleague, Rick Schwier, share his own experience being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Plus I thought of doing so in my Dad’s name as well, who we lost to cancer in 2001.

I’ve not gone beardly for a good 5+ years. Here goes. If you care to donate to the cause, find the link at https://mobro.co/cogdog. But more importantly, as Rick says, awareness is most important:

The biggest threat most men face is ignorance, and we need to educate our friends and families about the risks, diagnosis, and treatments. In the academic world of identity politics, I’ve always self-identified as a teacher first, and maybe that’s a bit of beautiful irony now, because I think it’s my role to help get the word out and educate men about this insidious, lurking, too-often-hidden disease.

Bring on the scruff.

Featured Image: A quick chin selfie taken to add to my profile https://mobro.co/cogdog. I find it hard to believe anyone would want to reuse the photo, but consider it tossed into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.

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