Nobody is anto-sharing, are they? Still it’s something I end up talking about alot. Recently, I got a chance to talk openly about it with friend and colleague Ken Bauer, as an episode of a podcast series he publishes for the Flipped Learning Network.

He’s got a load of links there, photos too, so that saves me some blogging. But here’s the audio, totally free form conversation we had via a Google Hangout.

And Ken is one of my go to people for recommending a sensible approach to flipped learning; this photo I set up by flipping a sign for a studio session he lead for the UDG Agora project in Guadalajara

Ken is one of those network made gems of a friend, I believe i was a chain of Brians – Brian Bennet recommending Brian Lamb that I got to know him through blogs and twitter in 2014-2015 when I had a fellowship at Thompson Rivers University. Ken got very excited participating in the You Show, a morphing of DS106 Brian (lamb) and I did as a faculty development program at TRU.

But when we had a chance to go to Mexico to with with the University of Guadalajara on the UDG Agora project, it as natural to fold Ken in as a collaborator, even if he taught for the a different university there.

It’s been pure joy to work with Ken, I’ve gotten to spend time visiting him and his family (they showed me a genuine Mexican Christmas), eating his home grilled fajitas, working with him through projects like Virtually Connecting, even sharing a funky Airbnb in Richmond VA for an Open Ed conference.

Ken’s request for a podcast came I think in the heels of some things I blogged here about sharing and licenses. The answer is always “yes” when a request comes from someone like Ken.

Nothing there was crazy new or novel, it’s a lot of the same things I have found all my career in ed-tech. Everybody is behind sharing, yet in practice, it’s always an uphill battle. I cannot say I have any super success formulas, except dogfooding it and show it as much as possible in your own practice.

And it’s nice being a guest on a podcast, rather than being on the producing end I usually am on, all I had to do was talk. This was a nice follow to a podcast I did for the Tech in Higher Ed podcast with Bonni Stachowiak, there was even a bit of sharing in action with Bonni’s graphic

At a minimum, doing the podcast was a good chance to catch up, thanks Ken!

Featured Image: One of my most shared photos in flickr, with 39,000+ views and at least links to reuse in the comments, so it’s rather relevant:

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