With grand intentions to stick to a schedule of daily challenges, by skin of my calendar teeth I am 31 for 31 days in both daily flickr photos and ds106 Daily Creates.

I’ve held this pace before maybe 2 months? Does it really matter to get a perfect score (no)? But parsing some time to try something new even if not to the daily metronome I will always maintain is valuable. More so than scrolling through ___________ (fill in any social media stream).

Daily Flickr Photos

Sometimes there is a 2-3 day catchup, but the photos have been taken every day. Lots of snow, sunsets, dog, the occasional taco, this is maybe the most compulsive habit I have aimed for now for the 16th frigging year.

For fun I made a spreadsheet to make some stats and chart gunk. Since I started there have been 5510 days and of those I posted a daily photo 5205 times for a 94% percentage. For years, I have batted as low as 62% in 2012 and hit the 100% buzzer in 2009, 2015, 2016, 2017, and so far, 2023.


I feel like I am nothing but [frozen] net

2023/365/17 Winter Ball?
2023/365/17 Winter Ball? flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

But the fans are dubious.

2023/365/29 Charlie and Felix 2/3: Skeptical
2023/365/29 Charlie and Felix 2/3: Skeptical flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

They are saying… “Show us your charts in February!”

Game on.

Daily DS106 Create

I’ve spouted and presented and yowled about how great the DS106 Daily Create and while I have done (and created) many of them since 2012, I’ve never sustained a run at the top of the leaderboard.

Well for 2023, I am running 31/31!

I just love this bit of data tracking (the good kind) that runs in the now rather old, but despite the Musky One’s Meddling, still works via the Daily Blank WordPress Theme. Even more, everyone who ever participates has their own archive built in– mine is at https://daily.ds106.us/hashtags/cogdog/

Woah, that’s 581 TDCs under my belr!

That makes my batting percentage 581 / 2710 days or a .214 hitter. Maybe not so impressive after all. But it’s still fun to see what I can conjure in about 20 minutes–

It’s been a good mix of challenges in 2023.

For more stats and people to be in awe of, see the all time leaderboard. Heck,even Todd Conaway is ahead of me!

This year the pool of players is only 14. Without a current or recent ds106 class, theparticipation has fallen. But also the sagging spirit of twitter may be at play.

I do have the site posting to Mastodon at https://social.ds106.us/@tdc but admit I am sluggish at getting my head into some code to pull mastodon responses into the site (and the board). The main task is finding or thrashing some PHP code to fetch replies to that account.

If you want that, keep bugging me.

That’s One! (month)

I may not keep this pace, but I am going to be at it as much as possible, as this is more valuable use f time than venting about ChatGPT.

What are you doing for a daily constructive habit?

I’m doubling down on the dailies! Bring it on, February.

Featured Image:

Double Prints
Double Prints flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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    1. Heck yeah! The GOAT daily photographer is with me.

      Heck, I did a December back catchup of like 3 months of photos taken but not posted. There are #NoRules

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