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Some Shiny SPLOTs Spotted

I’ve not have much time over last days weeks more to do much SPLOT tinkering (well there is one experimental feature in the works). But I got a burst of positive energy this week from the passing of a green Scooby Doo type van labeled Reclaim Roadshow. Some tweets were spotted about their current online […]

SPLOT, Wordpress

SPLOTS Now Alt Equipped

I may have to put on my code dog cone of shame for finding out I was missing a feature in the SPLOT themes that should have been there a long time ago. But shame is for silly humans, so I just shook it off, and went about fixing it. This came about in conversation […]


Shining Up Some SPLOTs

It was sure nice to see the way one of the SPLOTs hatched in 2014 is being used at Coventry University: The Compendium Of Bothersome Beasties: A SPLOT for student self reflection and formative feedback [18-162] Samantha Clarke, Lauren Heywood et al. #altc https://t.co/pixXVEoKqs — ALT – alt.ac.uk (@A_L_T) October 2, 2018 When I can […]


Show/Fork Us The SPLOTS!

Daniel Villar has been on fire with the SPLOTs. Not only did he invite me for a workshop last month in Coventry University (and that site is a SPLOT), where we got pre-made versions of them available on Conventry.domains, he recently put three different ones into play for his new OWLTEH project. Beyond this, Daniel […]

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Hanging Splots

Between our presentation at Open Education 2015 and the discussions this week at TRU, it’s been rewarding to see and hear interest into what was characterized (I have my own proof) on October 28, 2014 as: I might have snickered a little the first time Brian suggested SPLOT as a name for a group of […]