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The 2012 summer camp experience of ds106- visit camp.

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Venn Gandalf

I’ve been all day peeking at the different design magic of Stephen Wildish’s site, I think we linked last year to one of his film alphabets, but all of his work has powerful elements of graphic design we are introducing this week to ds106 / Camp Magic Macguffin. The one that got under my skin […]

Magic Macguffin

Scientists Identify Source of Martian Landslides

Another slide guy attempt and damn, Martha got to Timmmmy in space first. Oh well…. NASA SCIENTISTS IDENTIFY SOURCE OF MARTIAN LANDSLIDES In a press announcement today, NASA scientist Marvin M. Artian released startling photographic evidence of the cause of the mysterious recent landslide deposits spotted in the Burns Hill region of the Endurance crater. […]

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Dude, Where’s My Barrel?

How can we resist Martha’s new assignment, Slide Guy aka Make a Timmmmmy Meme: Slide Guy loves to slide down things! Find a photo of something to slide down and make your own Slide Guy! (You can find Slide Guy! to download and use at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22064153/SlideGuy.png) At first I was looking for the perfect picture […]

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GIF Pileup

I’m so missing having a copy of Photoshop to work on; my limits now for doing animated GIFs are assembling images– Saving frames from MPEG Stream clip or a series of images form my DSLR, loading as layers into GIMP, and trying to make them flip as needed, I really miss how PhotoShop can try and line things up. These are alll kind of junk, too much jerking and not aligned cleanly. Lazy.

First of all, it’s the nervous cop a young punk Robert Blake plays in Electra Glide in Blue:

Next, I noticed one night out my window that the horizontal lights on the Vancouver City Hall were flashing on and off to make it look like a ripple moving up and down (?) – it happened right at 10pm so maybe it is like a chime. I grabbed a few seconds of video and made this one in Cinemagram.

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What The Taxman Doth Do

This is a story that uses flickr photos to illustrate a playlist poetry story I created more than a year ago. The original assignment, not exactly title aptly, was Stories Written in Windows Media Player— and is one of my favorite stories about stories because it was one of the earlier ones created by a […]

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The Shape of Cool Hand Luke

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog This is a fairly literal attempt to draw the shape of the story to one of my favorite all time films, Cool Hand Luke (1967) according to the Kurt Vonnegut approach: In the beginning, since he is drunk and feeling no pain, Paul Newman’s character […]