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I’m on a train! On a train!

Dog on the Rails

Slowing on Down the Road

Last week in Vermont I took a walk down the same country road I drive when I left the area in September. Going at walking speed I was blown over by how much detail and information I missed on the faster pass. And there is some sort of life lesson that a gazillion have written […]

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Two Frame GIFfing

For reasons I fail to devise, on my trip I’ve had an eye for making GIFs, maybe it is traveling be train in that motion that is repeated. I’ve been collecting photos that seem like they might work. sometimes I try to adjust the angle to make a pair that might work well as a […]

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That Wiggly Old Monk

A Wiggle Spectroscopy ds106 assignment: Take two photos of the same subject from slightly different angles. Merge the two photos into a single looped, animated gif to create a wiggle stereoscopic image that simulates 3-D. A very good tutorial explaining the full process can be found on Martin Sutherland’s website. I did not even intend […]

Dog on the Rails

Drummers, Trains, and Mural Artists

I kind of forgot how funky, cool, and outgoing a town is Flagstaff. After settling in at the Monte Vista Hotel, downing some custom brewed coffee, i walked towards the sound fo drums, and found this group of young people dancing, chanting, and pounding drums. I’m here for the tracks, and was treated to a […]

Dog on the Rails

Ready to Rail

I’ve driven as far as I need to on this trip, 70 miles to Flagstaff. My neighbor was going to drive me here, but he shopped by 2 hours before our planned departure and said he was a bit too nauseous to drive. I was able to ask another friend to drive, even though it […]

Dog on the Rails

Three Weeks on The Rails

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Timitrius Tomorrow I hit the road again, actually so Saturday I can hit the rails. This is the start of a 3 week trek to the East coast and back. Having done a lot of airline travel, and in 2011-2012 going back and forth by […]