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These posts document experiments in hacking and tweaking Wordpress; I hardly call myself expert, but I do like to tinker under the hood. If there is something I can do for you, bark my way or visit me at http://cogdog.it

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Some Shiny SPLOTs Spotted

I’ve not have much time over last days weeks more to do much SPLOT tinkering (well there is one experimental feature in the works). But I got a burst of positive energy this week from the passing of a green Scooby Doo type van labeled Reclaim Roadshow. Some tweets were spotted about their current online […]

SPLOT, Wordpress

SPLOTS Now Alt Equipped

I may have to put on my code dog cone of shame for finding out I was missing a feature in the SPLOT themes that should have been there a long time ago. But shame is for silly humans, so I just shook it off, and went about fixing it. This came about in conversation […]