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The Perl King

I had 5 minutes of technical glory today, where I felt like I mastered the machine. The rest of the day I may have been under its thumb, where I belong. Readers may note that a few weeks back I was dealing with some strange web server activity every Saturday morning that managed to take […]

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Peeking Inside the New Storybox

Here I thought I caught up on my back blogging from the trip to New Zealand, but I have yet to talk about the digital time capsule that appeared at every stop. In this post, I’ll give a bit of review about what happened, what was collected, in a subsequent long scrolling gibberish one I […]

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On the Road With Mariana Funes Talking About DS106

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Before reading this, I suggest reviewing Mariana’s newly shared “The psychology of open: On wrestling your inner MOOC”. It was written for a presentation she is doing June 3 at one of the more interestingly titled and themed conferences — The Higher Education Academy […]

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Hargadon Talking

Last week Todd Conaway tweeted me (I enjoy how that has become my grammar) that he was going to attend a session in Phoenix that Steve Hargadon was running on his Hack Your Education tour. It was well worth going for both the chance to meet Steve in person, and have some great conversation time […]