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Linktributions Ahoy?

Linktributions Ahoy? by cogdogblog posted 21 Oct ’08, 5.27pm MDT PST on flickr Are more people using "my made-up term? Will it some-day make it as a Word of the Year? (hah, down ego, down….) I got a nice little tweet from @eemann who discovered linktribution and Google now finds about 1400 instances— though I […]



I am about zero for life ([1], [2]) starting an internet meme, but some folks had a nice reaction today to a word I made up 😉 It happened today, during a session on Remix Culture: Building a Digital Divide Between Students and Teachers at the NMC Online Conference. The backchannel chat was bubbling out […]

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Top requested dog links as of September 5, 2017 (plucked HTML from Jetpack stats with a bit of HTML gymnastics) Title Views Google Wakes Up and Smells the Animated GIF 46,874 Setting up Custom Content Types in WordPress 3.0 17,693 Google and GIFs: You Can Upload But Ye Shall Not Animate 14,183 The Seven Circles […]

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Always Be Attributing

An endless theme in the CogDogBlog House, promoting the radical, all so time consuming habit (invisible sarcasm tags here) of giving other people attribution for what they share. Eight years ago I hoped I had coined linktribution. Never caught on. But since I’m on a flickr roll as it seems from the confusion of licensing […]

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Lifting, Nod, or ?

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by jerebu Plagiarism in the act of conducting what is offered as original work (school essays, magazine columns,) is obviously, a Wrong Thing. I’m not aiming to talk about lifting in that sense, but there are places, perhaps, where perhaps one might feel okay to condone […]