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Old Gold Days at Maricopa

Jim Groom’s explorations for The Internet Course he is co-teaching with Paul Bond and Paul’s post on Gopher got me sroting the neurons and combing through the archives of my early 1990s days as an Instructional Technologist at the Maricopa Community College. Actually I started as a “Programmer Analyst / Instructional Systems”. I found on […]

Ontario Extend

Interviewing CogDogBlog.com

That thing about eating your own dogfood? It’s really quite good stuff. Last week I posted some questions for people to answer about the story of their own domains. This was aimed at helping our Ontario Extend project participants answer that Why Should I Bother With My Own Domain question (they may not even have […]

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Not One Tech Extinction

cc licensed flickr photo shared by John Kannenberg A few weeks ago we had author Kevin Kelly appear as a guest on the Connect@NMC webinars to talk about his book “What Technology Wants” (a full archive is available). In his work, Kelly uses a broad umbrella to include what is technology, and suggests an ecosystem/evolution […]