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Conferences, Sharks, Gems, Flow

I’m one of the people frequently lamenting the stale, presenter-centric structure at atmosphere of most academic conferences – that said, it has been well over a year since I went to one of the bigger shindigs, maybe they have changed dramatically. And the THATCamps (which I have not seen but read about and know people […]

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Bitten By a Card Shark

modified from cc licensed flickr photo shared by pfala Sneaky. Damn sneaky. I got a nice $100 Visa gift card for my birthday last month.( I am not looking you in the mouth, Gift Horse). These look like credit card numbers, have numbers like credit cards. But there is is something tricky there- it’s nearly […]

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Meet Halle Gottfried…

Meet Halle Gottried (pronounced MA-lee GAHT-fryd) on Facebook Fakebook WTFbook. Chief Engineer on an MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) container ship, he studied Engineering Science and Mechanics at Georgia Institute of Technology College of Sciences. When not on the high seas, he lives in New York City. According to someone he communicates with– I will call […]