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Right now the server running Feed2JS is down and out. I have only the most limited, around the corner and snake up a pole access, but the server is toasted until someone on their IT staff can go in the server room and hard start the server. It’s just a humble XServe getting yanked and […]

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Feed2JS Beta With Enclosures

Rightfully so, people have been requesting the Feed2JS be able to display content referenced in RSS 2.0 or podcast feeds. Until now, these enclusore tags have been ignored because it is not supported in the underlying MagpieRSS library code. It turns out there is a fairly simple patch / adjustment to the Magpie code that […]

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Two More Feed2JS Mirrors

Yesterday I added two new mirror sites for Feed2JS, bringing the full list of mirrors to seven. The two new kids on the block include: OpenGUI serving feeds from California Astra Systems serving feeds from somewhere in the U.K. All sites have been updated to the same functionality (latest update; al;l are listed as the […]

Feed2JS Updates

You can use this page as a quick guide to the latest changes in our Feed2JS (Feed to JavaScript) code/service— since the updates are available as an RSS feed, I can use Feed2JS to syndicate this page about itself (how recursive is that?) http://feed2js.org/content/feed2js.xml (the feed) View RSS feed