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Begging Support for Feed2JS

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Christian O. Harris I marvel that people still get regular use out of a small hack I started back in 2003, when I was first learning about RSS– Feed2JS keeps on humming. It ran a number of years on an Apple XServe in the […]

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Feed2JS New Home (beta)

The feed cat is coming out of the bag. A few weeks ago I bought a domain, and with some hosting donated by Aaron at Modevia Web Services, the Feed2JS service that lives now at http://feed2js.org/ has its own home at http://feed2js.org/. All I’ve done is more or less move the current site in whole, […]

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Sprinkle Some Ajax into Feed2JS?

While mulling over how to move Feed2JS to a more stable, friendly, supported home, especially sparked by the comments by David, I am thinking a whole new framework is in order. Don;t worry, I will leave the legacy… er, curent code as is. My own prime directive is not to break anyone’s previously constructed pasted […]

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Following up yesterday’s mess, just getting rafts of emails from people (rightfully) worried Feed2JS makes me heave large sighs. This was a nice little project, that started as something to fill my own needs, that I lofted out on the net… and all of a sudden people around the world are riding on it, small […]