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A Catfishing Page

Tonight I got another distraught and ashamed email (“You must think I’m stupid”) (No I do not). This message someone who just had the veil lifted from their eyes and found they were a victim of a catfishing scam from a fake person wearing my photos. I decided to copy Alec Corous and set up […]

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Facebook is One Dumb Machine

To start with a complete random, isn’t-the-internet-weird-and-wonderful story… I sought an image for this post by searching google images (settings for licensed for re-use) for dumb machine — and a few scrolls down from images of old computers, images of asylums and pinball machines… one of my own photos jumped out. Why is my old […]

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The Serenity Post

The last few days of angry blogging/tweeting on my photos being part of catfishing scammers have taken a toll. I am unfocused on work, wound up, and not spending enough time outside under the skies. Stepping back… Blog, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, There is no way to really […]