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No Obligation To a TV Talk Show

My experiences with the bottom feeding world of catfishing has wiggled and slithered from weird to worse. Last week a message came to my flickr mail from someone claiming to be a producer of a national TV talk show (I’m leaving the name out, but it’s one of the big ones) saying that they were […]

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Not Holding My Breath Waiting For Facebook’s New Account Impersonation Detection

Several people have shared these stories about what Facebook is (here comes the scare quotes) “doing” about fake accounts.– Facebook is testing a feature that alerts you if someone is impersonating your account (from mashaable.com) and Facebook is reportedly testing a tool for detecting profile imposters (The Verge)… and everyone else is re-reporting it– Facebook’s […]

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On Fakebook: Down, Not Out, Not Rolled Over

In my own interest of sanity and focus, I’m letting loose for now my recent rage spate on Catfishing and fake accounts in FaceFakebook. I hit a similar spike a few months ago with the Timothy Boostrom phase. It’s not a giving up or giving in, but more just putting it in pause until the […]

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Dear Facebook

The subject line in today’s email held some promise: A friend reported a profile they think is pretending to be you I was a bit bust enjoying the beach and time with friends on my last night in Puerto Rico, so I left it for later. And thus, I got another Rejection Letter from Facebook. […]

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Meet Halle Gottfried…

Meet Halle Gottried (pronounced MA-lee GAHT-fryd) on Facebook Fakebook WTFbook. Chief Engineer on an MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) container ship, he studied Engineering Science and Mechanics at Georgia Institute of Technology College of Sciences. When not on the high seas, he lives in New York City. According to someone he communicates with– I will call […]