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CogDog It, Wordpress

Leadership Site Wins a Bronze

I’m allowed to brag a bit, right? Word came via email that a WordPress site I built last year for BC Corrections (hosted by and working with folks the Justice Institute of British Columbia) won a bronze prize from the Horizon Interactive Awards. I wrote several posts about the making of the BC Corrections Leadership […]


Feedback, Please?

Maybe the guitar (aka blog post) was not close enough to an amplifier (it fell with a silent thud). I broke some new ground in web making (for me) using a REST API to make a lightweight, customizable HTML site “navigator” for a full WordPress site. Despite a maybe not so clever visual metaphor, perhaps […]


Map Making With Leaflet.js

As the second part of a series of posts about a leadership model web site created for project managed at JIBC, this one is about some of the early interface explorations I dabbled with. In the first post, I laid ground for the map metaphor for leadership, there would be three “regions” corresponding to the […]