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Design By Filching Session (SXSW)

My first day on the ground at SXSW- a conference on a Texas sized scale! The Austin convention center is a massive city. Early notes- they are really organized with staff and helpful people every step of the way trough registration; only took about 12 minutes to move through long line. Double bonus points because […]


My Network Probability Cloud … PLEase

I owe Chris Lott this blog post, having watched him this week grow tired of the PLE flak, bust out a brawl at the twitter bar, and then for me, state clearly what his interest was (he probably said it much earlier, but I miss things).

So I get it, now, he wants to have a sense of what people do, use for tools in the network, how we go about doing it. A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is not a thing, so I cannot keep railing about it only being diagrams. Good. But I wont even tray to sketch it out, because for me, it is n-dimensional and defies mapping in 2-D.

But I still groan over the name. The environment I learn from, exist in, is not per se a “Learning Environment” – it has no such boundaries- it is my network I do learn from, but the same that I work from, play in, create in. I think Chris would say it’s the pieces that might pertain to an application in learning, but to me it is not a “learning environment”. I dont know why this nomenclature bugs me, maybe its an allergy.

And yes, Chris, while I am really into visual communication (more so with images and metaphor), I am not excited about the stick and node network diagrams. I have trouble with the visual simplicity and the complexity I sense is where we operate.


Dru Glu and Friends

With Brian’s announcement that Gardner Campbell is visiting Vancouver this week (shucks, wish I could have extended the stay another week… or forever), I remain tickled at the shelf life of my silly graphic there— and more so that Gardner even sometimes refers to himself as “Dr Glu”. These were from a series of images […]


Dog (rightfully) Called

An aspect if blogging I find essential is shying away from a “please the world” view, meaning stepping out on limbs, and thus sometimes, being outright foolish, wrong, even “stupid”. And I welcome being called on my shit. So sometimes, or often, I spout something before thinking it through. So here is my public service […]


Trackback Love

At the Northern Voice Tiki party, Scott Leslie wowed us (well I was wowed) with his rendition of a poem only geeks could grok, called “Trackback Love”. I grabbed some video with my little Canon Powershot- the lighting is awful but the audio is not bad. Trackback Love (3.4 Mb Quicktime 1:42)


How To Lose Readers and Influence No One

Do you want to have fewer blog readers? Are you tired of pesky commenters who disagree with your posts? Is there something to be gained by frustrating users? Here’s how… Just set up your blog so users have to create accounts and log in to post a comment. Heck, they already have 50 gazillion accounts, […]


Spontaneous Ustream Twitter IM Circus

My oft repeated line this year is something about most enjoying the net based things that happen totally without provocation, plan, just spontaneous connectedness. I am sure that its maybe 3% of the general population that can really experience this with wide eyed excited wonder, and I am fortunate to know some of the best among that percentage.

I was setting down to shoot down some emals, perhaps edit those audios I need to publish soon, like yesterday, and as the habit goes, I said, “I’ll just check twitter quickly, just a minute to scroll.” And there, in the 5 seconds ago, I saw Jen was linking to a ustream.tv channel she was broadcasting on. I’d not done hardly any ustreaming since my trip to Australia, and said, hey, I wonder how it works if you have multiple people broadcasting?

So I flipped on my channel and we could pretty much talk back and forth, and she was relaying chats from ?? Alec Couros and/or Rob Wall?? So without knowing what else to do on camera, I reached for my prop, and brought Fresa on screen:


Bark is Back

It’s been about a week since I launched this year’s week of no blogging / only commenting. This is hardly an exact, precise activity, and I am honored by the wide range of incoming links (the non spam variety, of course).

So according to coComment, I posted 57 comments this week, admittedly a lot were on flickr- but they count, right?

Of course no one has caught on that this is my twisted devious plot to escape coming up with something to blog for a week, right? Just run around and drop comments elsewhere. Maybe it could be a month…

So if I was a proper academic or researcher, I might have some grand conclusion to postulate here, something bullet-point worthy.


To be honest, it is less to discover any grand theory. I recognize how powerful it is when I get a legit comment, and this is my way of giving back, and more than a spate of “nice post!” spam.


No LinkedIn For You

It’s been a while since I barked about the clumsiness of LinkedIn but just had another one of those near deaths by lame interface design. But before that, i am still trying to fathom what LinkedIn offers beyond the ability to just link. It seems utterly recursive with no ending condition to stop the loop. I am sure I am missing the supreme benefit, and get tripped up by their spurious claims of benefit.

But the cart is getting ahead of the dog and we are barreling down a steep grade…