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Soup and Memory

“Oh no, Granny! I must call you and apologize for not doing so on your birthday, last Friday… at least I made your split pea soup…” She would have been 116 that day — plus or minus as the story goes, October 15 was picked by a Census taker since Baby Janet lacked a birth […]

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Granny’s Stories Episode 2: Meeting Abraham

I spent maybe another hour last night adding a few more minutes of audio recorded with my grandmother in 1994 to TapeWrite. I added a bit of introduction to the recording. This follows my description of the series My Grandmother’s Stories, from Audio Tape to TapeWrite and Episode 1: Growing Up in Newark. In Episode […]

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Granny’s Approximate Birthday

Today, Oct 15. was approximately my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 110 today. That top photo is me recording her stories (on a micro-cassette tape) in 1994 at my sister’s house in Baltimore. That’s been digitized and blogged here before, but heck, I still like just the first 5 minutes of that I made […]