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Hypercard Archeostackology

I’m digging down to the code fragments of some of my first technology work, finding but fragments and relics in the layers bit dated 1992-1994. I credit/blame Tom Cc @cogdog https://t.co/d86h5phOyj — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) August 19, 2017 I had briefly seen mention of the Internet Archive’s collection of Hypercard Stacks using a webpased eumlator. […]

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A Personal Toolkit for Information

This concept could be big. Huge. Whilst looking for something else this morning, I opened a sealed box. Besides finding my Masters thesis and a box of old black and white print photos, I found this box of HyperCard diskettes, still sealed inside their protective plastic holder. The box is dated 1987, and the paper […]

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It’s 2015. I’m Going to Make a HyperCard Stack.

Why not? Because thanks to an open source emulator called “Sheep Shaver” and the various packages others created with it. I just launched a classic OS 9 environment on my 2014 MacBook Pro. I first installed oone version that included apps like Claris Works, but it lacked HyperCard. Then I found another one from James […]