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Open as in Not PDF

I’m quickly drafting a unit for the Creative Commons Certification on “Legal vs Technical Openness”. This is to address the difference between something that is shared according to license language but is not quite re-usable because of the file formats things are shared under. e.g. proprietary software ones, ones that may not have a long […]

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Open Educational (Porosity / Permeability)?

OH NOES NOT DEFINITIONS! Fear not, it’s not happening. But today during the blog-star-studded-most-of-them-self-deprecating hangout on “Open Pedagogy Open Discussion #YearOfOpen” (see the resource doc too) Mike Caulfield made an interesting comment about openness and the metaphor of “permeability” which raises my Geology sensors (Maybe 5 years of undergraduate and 6 in graduate study of […]

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Free(ish) Images, Not Open. For 300,000 Bones

It does make a decent news story to announce the offering of a free, as in no cost to taxpayers, database of local photos for a city. https://twitter.com/ResearchBuzz/status/800020936380403713 “Freely Available” is… well ok. As told in the story from Albuquerque TV station KOB4: Stunning images of Albuquerque and surrounding areas aren’t hard to come by, […]