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#UDGAgora: Open as in Taco

For the second year iteration of our UDGAgora work with faculty from the University of Guadalajara, the schedule moved to the second day a presentation on openness Brian Lamb and had done in 2015 later in the week. Since 2003 Brian and I have done enough presentations together that we cannot remember them all, but […]

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The Top x Things About #UDGAgora

Our Open Education 2015 presentation yesterday on the UDG Agora project was scheduled in the big vast main ballroom. The big house. Along with Tannis Morgan, Brian Lamb, and Terri Bateman, we tried to cram a lot of stuff into a 30 minute box. My “weird idea that my colleagues should laugh it off dismissively” […]

UDG Agora

The UdG Agora Project (part 1 of ∞)

I do not know where to begin writing. Back when I was just a puppy of a blogger, I’d document almost every session of a conference. I look at this empty WordPress editing screen trying to figure how to describe the last two weeks spent in Guadalajara in the perhaps the most intense and most […]