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I’ve been trying to use coComment, the tool that allows you to keep a record of your “distributed” blog conversations– by activating a bookmark when commenting elsewhere, coComment stores it on their site,a dn then submits it normally to the blog you are jabbering about. This way you can track conversations by visiting your coComment […]


Northern Voice

Opening pieces of Northern Voice 2006. I would have thought the auditorium would be a wee bit more packed. First up was Starting with Fire: Why Stories Are Essential and How to Blog Effective Tales by Julie Leung. There was something very refreshing in the presentation style (pure images, a pointed presentation lacking word bullet […]

Blog Pile

Commenting As Blogging

I’ve often asserted that blogging is a social process, that the mere publishing, caterwauling, prettying up templates, is only a piece of it– blogging is also participating in other people’s blogs. There is nothing that will energize a budding blogger more than getting feedback, and the impact is even larger when it comes from someone […]


Comments (Spam-less) Desired

It’s been 2 few weeks since we released the first online version of our MCLI iForum publication (see the background info blogged nearby). We are hoping to push the publication envelope to go completely online (the print button is in the reader’s hands) and using WordPress as a publishing platform. Our timing was not optimal […]


Hip Deep in Blog Publishing

I’m scurrying madly trying to ramp up a promise to have a Word Press publishing platform ready to release an online version of our mcli Forum. We have been doing a print and web version of this since 2001, and a previous ancestor since 1993. The print version twice a year costs more than a […]



I’ve not been blogging.. much. On the other hand, something that was always utterly fascinating to me is the concept of “comment blogging”, someone who has no self-published blogs, but actively participates and ‘exists’ more distributed-like in the comment space of other people’s blogs. Often, I have found this to be a missing piece of […]