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2008/366 SlideFlickred; Me, Y’all Too

Thanks to the precedent setting and helpful nudge of D’Arcy Norman (who did this last year), in 2008, I am pledging myself to take and post to flickr every day a photo that best captures what I as doing, or at least what I photographed that day.

As D’Arcy notes, it is not easy, but what it does is (I think) stretches your imagination and skills of photography.

So while you can find mine as 2008/366 photo set on flickr, the above slide show below was made with SlideFlickr a free web tool that “will help you create and embed Flickr slideshows in less than 10 seconds.” Slideflickr provides extra options, such as the music track. I went to ccMixter, a fab source for free music, where I rummaged a bit and chose this electronic remix: jaspertine lab sound 3.

I was curious, since at the end of 2007, D’Arcy put a lot of time to edit a summary video of his 2007/365 photos, which to me, sounds like a lot of work. A twitter remark by Dave Cormier asked for a different appeoach that would be more like a dynamic movie generated all year long as photos were added. With my experience on my 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story, I thought there would be one in the mix, and SlideFlickr looked promising as it generates slideshows directly form flickr content.

But the question to em was- does slideflickr just grab the current photos and make a flash slide show? That was not the desired effect. So I waited an extra dat, added a new photo, and sweet goodness! SlideFlickr fetches the most current images from the set so it is a dynamic slide show generator.

But wait, there’s more. There’s a bunch of folks that like me hopped on the bandwagon for this year, and many are tagging their photos with 366photos or sharing them in a 366photo pool (22 members so far, wow!).

So what is cool is that Slideflickr could generate a dynamic slide show for either of these- here is the one for the 366photos tag:

Loving all the photos and sharing and cool net tricks!

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  1. Hey cogdog,

    Very interesting that you interpreted that that way. Wish i was that cool. :) I was asking, sadly, about my own video project. (click link above) But this is fantastic!

  2. it took some effort, but really not that much. I maintained a Keynote presentation (that was kick-started by a script to suck an Aperture album into Keynote, one slide per photo). I tweaked the layout, added title/date, and exported it as a Quicktime file. After that, I just copied/pasted together the 3 .mov files (intro, photos, closing) and the soundtrack and used the “export for web” option. Only took a minute each day to keep it up to date, and gave me much more control over presentation, timing, and soundtrack.

    but, I don’t know that I’ll do that again this year. this way looks much easier… :-)

  3. You can’t beat that. I’m not quite as organized as D’Arcy. I was already wondering if I’d managed to get an end of the year movie put together.


  4. I’m doing this this year too. I managed to make it about halfway through last year. It is hard sometimes, especially when I spend a day in the house in front of the computer. Kids are good sources for photos on those days.

  5. Dogs too.

    I *guess* cats could srep up as well ;-)

    I’d also consider using screen shots of work I might be doing… good luck, I’m so far batting 5/5, but this is just week one.

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