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On updating my 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story site, I am trying to fill in more examples where I was lacking more than just my repeated Dominoe Story.

In Looking for ones created with the comic tool gnomz (which are pretty sparse) I dug way back and found one D’Arcy did in 2005, and then said doh! I had done one myself – Aren’t They Just Diaries which pops up relevant again as people claim blog deaths.

This was a setup I did for a 2005 NMC Summer Conference presentation More Than Cat-Diaries: Publishing with Weblogs where, yes, in 2005 I was trying to make a case that blogware was a powerful publishing platform (and that site was the most extensive mangling I have every done with a blogger template, and that was not trivial!).

And um, ahem, this is my sideways stance again to say that if you keep blogging, and just just spray your updates to ephemeral fail whale prone social service sites; you are your own archive –

Here is the old gnomz comic:

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