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Starting tonight (Sunday February 8), the light is OFF for CogDogBlog regular posts, the muzzle is self applied for my own traditional of taking a week of not blogging to spend time writing in the comment spaces of other people’s blogs, as I have done in 2006, 2007, and 2008. So no new blog posts here shall appear until after February 15.

Of course, this stretch includes two multi-pronged travel trips, including, ironically, the 2009 Northern Voice Conference. A blogging conference. I will continue to post photos and act blog-like in flickr, plus keeping the twitter spray turned on full blast. I am also toying with using VoiceThread again to blog at Northern Voice like I did last year.

As in past years, I hope to find this invigorating and also to sample some blogs I’ve not read much, but mostly to demonstrate the important of commenting in these days of alleged blog death. And also in tradition, I have run my yearly set of stats to find my top bloggers; this is a MySQL query I run in phpMyAdmin:

SELECT comment_author, count( * ) AS acnt
FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_date >= ‘2008-01-01’
AND comment_date < ‘2009-01-01’
GROUP BY comment_author

The returned list (below) gives the names of each commenter and how many times that laid some comment love on my posts. Also the number of rows of the MySQL results indicates the number of different people who submitted comments in the same time span (by adjusting the date strings you can get data for different years)

And thus I give thanks to my top commenters, noting for the first time that D’Arcy Norman is not at the top!

  • Alan Levine aka CogDog 199
  • Jim (Groom) 36
  • D’Arcy Norman 31
  • Stephen Downes 29
  • Gardner (Campbell) 23
  • Scott Leslie 22
  • Chris L 20
  • John Larkin 19
  • Sue Waters 16
  • Cole (Camplese) 14
  • Brian (Lamb) 13
  • Dean Shareski 13
  • Laura 12
  • Beth Kanter 12
  • Harriet 11
  • David 11
  • Dave Ferguson 11
  • Sean FitzGerald 11
  • Tom 10
  • Jen 10
  • pumpkin 9
  • Pat 9
  • James Farmer 8
  • Kate Foy 8
  • Devon 8

In addition, I have started compiling in Google Docs the running totals of these stats, plus the total number of people commenting each year, and total blog posts, which is charted as:

So on its own, I am seeing an increasing number of comments each year in a direction the stock market ought to consider moving. This is parallel with an increase in the number of people leaving me comments, so on average, each person is leaving about 2.5 comments (love that half a comment!). A noticeable change form last year was a sharp drop off in the numbers of comments from the top commenters, less than half. Is that Social Network Fatigue?

Lastly, to track my comments, I have re-enabled coComment to try and track my comments, which are logged at http://www.cocomment.com/comments/cogdog with most recent activity dribbled out below:

I’ll hopefully blog you from the other side!

The post "Blog Muzzled: Fourth Annual Comment Blogging Extravaganza" was originally emerged from the primordial ooze and first walked on land at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2009/02/muzzled/) on February 9, 2009.


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