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That’s me, second from the right.

As a kid, I heard a lot of things cast my way (even from my folks) about being a “Smart Aleck” cause I had a snappy, saracastic answer to anything They never defined it, there was no google, so I just had to infer what they meant. But it was pretty clear.

Now that I have the intertubes, I know the origins of the term, yet am not sure how I connect back to Alec Hoag. But sure enough, the description at wordwizard feels appropo

An American term for an impudent or obnoxiously self-assertive or conceited individual who thinks they know everything and are not shy about saying so; a pompous no-it-all; a haughty, self-important fool; a wise guy.

Yep, and with the internet and self publishing and navel gazing blogging and what I ate for lunch twittering and facebook walling in all the above spaces, can there be a more suitable place for us modern day Alec Hoags?

So even if all of the tubes come crashing down or it is all vacuumed clean by some moral panic, I shall relish these past years where the internet has provided the perfect place to be the son of Jack and Wise.

Thanks for all the fish.

The post "The Internet Was Built for Me" was originally pulled from under moldy cheese at the back of the fridge at CogDogBlog ( on July 5, 2010.

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