In the pre-launch fury for the ds106 Digital Storytelling Open Course, I thought it would be fun (and easy to set up) to create a new place on the Five Card Flickr Stories site for us to play.

Want to have a go at making a story? Head over to I’m curious to see if people can go beyond the literal caption making approach that most make when they save their stories.

Want to add to the pool? Just tag photos in flickr as ds106. A caveat is you should do this for new photos, because of the way the API works, I am not able to (very easily) go back in time to fetch older photos. So start sharing weird photos of stuff now with the class tag.

I thought of making a special tag just for five card ds106 stories, but figured Jim will have us madly tagging anyhow.

The gallery of ds106 stories will be at (right now there is one lame lonely one). One thing that can be fun is to look at an existing story, and write a new version for the same set of photos.

Go play!

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